Higher fiber diets appear to be associated with fewer digestive complaints, better blood-sugar control, lower blood-cholesterol levels and reduced rates of colon cancer, heart and kidney disease.

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Benefits of Insoluble Fiber
The health benefits of insoluble dietary fiber occur largely in the later part of the digestive system (colon) and include the following:

Insoluble fiber improves the health of the intestinal tract by increasing stool volume and stimulating normal bowel contractions (peristalsis) thus reducing transit time through the colon. This protects against digestive complaints like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Diverticulitis.

Insoluble fiber may help prevent digestive disorders such as constipation or Diverticulosis (infection caused by food getting stuck in small pouches in the wall of your colon. It may also reduce the absorption of salt (thus reducing the risk of raised blood pressure) and toxins.

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