Higher fiber diets appear to be associated with fewer digestive complaints, better blood-sugar control, lower blood-cholesterol levels and reduced rates of colon cancer, heart and kidney disease.

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Benefits of Soluble Fiber
The health benefits of water soluble fiber occur largely in the early part of the digestive system (stomach and small intestine) and include the following:

Soluble fiber slows down digestion in the stomach and small intestine. This helps to slow down the conversion of other carbohydrates into glucose, thus stabilizing blood glucose levels.

Soluble fiber forms a thick gel when it comes into contact with water in the digestive tract. This swelling-effect, allied to the slowing down of the digestive process, increases our feeling of fullness (satiety) without adding calories. Fiber is therefore a useful element in any healthy weight loss diet.

Soluble fiber appears to reduce blood cholesterol levels and may also have cancer benefits.

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