Command Foods is a leading manufacturer of healthy & nutritional food products committed and dedicated to provide consumers with a wide range of innovative products to meet their daily nutritional needs, preferences and lifestyles.  

Since 1994, the company has been dedicated to manufacture whole, organic grain breakfast and snack food products using only the highest quality US grown grains & ingredients and fortified to deliver vitamins and minerals in each serving to enhance nutrition and taste. Our products offer health benefits as part of a balanced and healthy diet, such as reduced fat and sugar, high in fiber and cholesterol management. 

At Command Foods, we spent great lengths and efforts to develop and deliver healthy & nutritional options for consumers that include portion control and reduced calories. To continue to introduce brands and products that can help consumers to manage their dietary needs and choices, Command Nutrimax Corporation was created in 2004 to meet that goal. 

Command Nutrimax Corporation is dedicated to the pursuit of the development, manufacture and support of our unique, high quality products. It helps us understand and addressed the nutrition and health issues such as obesity, diabetes and cancer but most importantly to support consumers with their dietary needs and keep them healthy!

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